Speed Freaks At The Symphony
Curated by Alix Vollum and Dayton Castleman

Alix Vollum and Dayton Castelman, Elliot Cost, Mike Francis, Allie Seekely, Bela Shayevich, Tyler Lee Childress, and Santiago Leyba

Opening March 5th 7PM-10PM
Gallery hours Sunday-Friday 11AM-6PM
On view through March 11th

Mike Francis, 2016 Tyler Lee Childress, 2016 Bela Shayevich, 2015 Tyler Lee Childress, 2015 Tyler Lee Childress, 2015 Santiago Leyba, 2016 Elliot Cost, 2016 Elliot Cost, 2016 Allie Seekely, 2015 Allie Seekely, 2015 Bela Shayevich, 2015 Alix Vollum & Dayton Castelman,2016

Brick Sofa 
Mike Francis, 2016