Upcoming Exhibit

Season Finale
the final group exhibition of the year
featuring works by Albert Samreth, Alberto Cuadros, Alix Vollum & Dayton Castleman, Caley Feeney, Chadwick Gibson, Franke Forner, Grupo Anan, Jahnny W, Jeff Kriksciun, Kandis Williams, Maria Garcia, Sarah Gail Armstrong, Serene B Loin, Steph Russ, Steven Aldahl, Troy Barrett
Opening December 30th 7PM-11PM

Previous Exhibitions

Albert Gray's work explores places and moments of obscurity and access where the evidence of human activity gives room for pause and contemplation. Not without a sense of humor, he take photos of the peripheral moments of his daily experiences, mining them for source material. Left Overs features several pieces depicting photos found on craigslist advertising various 'art' related services.
Opening September 16th 7PM-11PM

comunión 3D
Curated by Stella Ahn
an experimental showcase of electronic musicians and new media artists from and around Central and Latin America
ft. visual works by Simon Peco, Stephanie Guerrero, Moisés Horta Valenzuela, and music by DJ Nombre Apellido, $eñor $in $exo, Amazondotcom, Kelman Duran, & Bianca Oblivion
One night only August 20th

After Laughter
an exhibition of new works by Alexi Brown-Schmidt, Dori Scherer, & Richard Zimmerman
My tears surrounding my fears like slices of mushrooms in a circle of smiles,
I see moons behind moons trade places in the night, replaced by daylight.
My voice gets lost in the undertow, sinking into the smoke below
I turn the keys and climb inside, the places I go and the cars I drive
make time feel like mine.
I'm alive.
I see troops in boots dancing to the sounds of a cats meow,
wounded warriors spinning through time their faces on mine
Opening July 15th 7PM-11PM
On view through July 18th 2PM-7PM

Born Slippy
Alberto Cuadros & Frankie Cariño
F-Working on this mixtape drop me some clips. Where's that feather store at?
F-That PBR logo will look so good on the flier.
A-good call! I'll hit up the guy, what about the absinth?
A-Feather place its like 7th and los angeles i think
F- I'm working on my absinth hook up trying to sort out some real deal wormwood.
F- You ever see that movie Euro Trip? There's this scene when the young protagonist drinks absinth and sees a green man or some shit.
F- Green is a slippy ass color.
Born Slippy on Curate LA
Opening July 3rd 7PM-11PM
On view through July 7th 2PM-7PM

Emily Whittemore's Metaphysical Solopsism Just Kidding
Emily Whittemore is a visual and performance artist originally from Houston and currently attending CalArts
Timeline of artist's works from age 4 to present
Opening June 10th On view through June 12th by appointment

Stoners Night a group exhibition
Curated by JAH
ft. works by Abby Banks, Alberto Cuadros, Amia Yokoyama, Cole Lodge, Emily Whittemore, Froogy Muzzman, Jahnny Wobble, Jamie Marsh, Jessie Spears, Mario Ayala, Nicole Snyder, Rikky Gage, Sam Shea, Shelby Sells, and Steven Aldahl
Opening April 20th 9PM-1AM, Closing April 21st 3PM-6PM
Install images by Fred Kolouch

Speed Freaks At The Symphony a group exhibition
Curated by Alix Vollum and Dayton Castleman
ft. works by Elliot Cost, Mike Francis, Allie Seekely, Bela Shayevich, Tyler Lee Childress, and Santiago Leyba
On view March 5th through March 11th
Documentation by Sex Magazine

Pure Awqua a group exhibition and night of performances
Curated by PAJ
ft. works by Claire Staples, Troy Barrett, Alexis Howell, Gray Ellis, Grupo Anan, Jameson Lynch, Kathryn Knowlton, Brian Echon, Alix Vollum & Dayton Castleman, floppydisko, Terra Friedman, Ryan Converse, Dadpranks, Crystal Sasaki, Amia Yokoyama, Alexander Brown & John Brumley
One night only December 18th


2016 artist in residence Alex Zhang Hungtai

|wərk| is an artist-run space founded with the desire to seek new modes of production, envision different ways of socializing, and achieve harmony in collaborating towards fostering an open, safe, and inclusive atmosphere for culture and community in Los Angeles.

|wərk| by definition is the exertion of force overcoming resistance to produce change; (of a machine/ system) to operate or function, with intention, effectively; to bring into a specified shape or state methodically. It is everything desired, needed, and expected i.e. "The works."

|wərk| stimulates, constructs, engages, develops, ruptures, cultivates, perspires, improvises, rouses, considers, situates, maneuvers, and convulses in a fourth floor industrial unit inside a 24/7 factory warehouse building in DTLA.

Upcoming Events

NL: 10PM doors $5-10 | MU/FI: 9PM doors $5-7 | EX: 7PM doors $0

01.01.17 FI. Sweet Movie (1974)

Dušan Makavejev's Sweet Movie is full of REVOLUTION, SHOCK & EXCITEMENT; shot in France, West Germany and Canada it is a powerful look into the underground cinema movement of Eastern Europe. Sweet Movie brilliantly critiques the global industrial war machine intermingling Nazi footage (trigger warning) and concepts of violence, sex and freedom all under the guise of cauldron upon cauldrons of chocolate sauce. A forward-thinking and Yugoslavian film that is making fun of communism, religious worship and the outrageous and constant commodification and objectification of women.

Sweet Movie is a masterpiece that dismantles our very psyche through humor and terror and the raw bodily exeprience.

In our current volatile state, this is a must see film for 2017. Please join us to kick off the New Year to 'rebirth culture with a positive ending.'

Stew and refreshments provided.

12.30.16 EX. "Season Finale" Exhibition Opening


12.17.16 NL. Club Illusion VII ft. DJ Paypal, Brendan Fowler, P. Morris, Schwarz, FXWRK, Wade Blazer + Steph Russ
12.11.16 EV. Ghost Ship Victims Memorial Gathering and Benefit Night ft. Ponyo, Julius Smack, Monica Noonan, Headband, Some Pepper
11.26.16 NL. 100% Silk Presents Live Golden Donna, 555, Ceviche, DJs deeper kenz, tonyxmont, bludwork, stevie be
11.25.16 FI. Screenings by Omnium Cine, Brian Echon, Fred Kolouch, dystopian sci-fi reading by Eliza Rose and musical performance by Toulouse Control
11.23.16 MU. Lauren Bousefield Medical Benefit show Wade Blazer, Davey Harms, Xina Xurner
11.21.16 MU. Colleen Green, Free Weed, Hevin
11.12.16 NL. Joy Tactics ft. Bruce Trail, Tahl K, Arroyo Audio, Nikhil, Chuck Gunn, Vibrations by Fathom Sound, Visuals / Installations / Live Art: Philip Rugo, Rachel Holly Rottman
11.11.16 MU. Xander Harris, UMBERTO, Maria Minerva, TRUE LIGHT
11.10.16 MU. War Of Icaza, Gnarianna, G-Les_Sky and Dean John, Jimmy Diamond
11.05.16 MU. Yes Yes, Nine Inch Nails cover band (Mad Frances CeeCee Lascivious Amburger fievel Mane, Mansion, Violence creeps), Underworld cover band (Mark Treise of Jealous/ CCR Headcleaner)
11.04.16 NL. Club Illusion VI ft. Kala, DangelXXX, Schwarz, Special Guest, energy cocktails by Steph Russ
11.03.16 MU. Pure Shit, Air Traffic Control Quartet, Ross Wallace Chait
10.29.16 NL. Obsidian Order ft. DJ sets by VIOLENCE, Ponyo, RiotBoooy, Foreigner, Kelman Duran, DJ Skymall free entry in costume
10.28.16 MU. VIP, Hardcore Tina, Sadistic Candle
10.23.16 MU. Erika Bell + California Bellows EP Release Show
10.22.16 NL. Significant Other III ft. Violence, Erisa, Re-ect, Misha, Spider DJ, Papinogood
10.21.16 MU. Forced Into Femininity, San Cha, Gushing GREAZY, Elliot Reed, Miss Meeks
10.17.16 NL. Woptoper Private Party
10.15.16 NL. Brujas X War Of Izacas hosted by Veteranas & Rucas
10.14.16 NL. Elliot Vincent Jones, Jimmy Whispers, Bernardino Femminielli + DJ sets by Kirin J Callinan & Michael Collins (Drugdealer)
10.08.16 EV. Elsewhere Launch Party
10.07.16 NL. Private Party
09.16.16 EX. Leftovers: Albert Gray works on paper Exhibition Opening
09.15.16 MU. Tig Bitty, Bobby Wassabi, Belly Belt, Softdrink
09.10.16 NL. Live Abdu Ali, Violence, San Cha + DJs Suga Shay, Dream Panther, Ponyo
09.03.16 MU. Death Records Presents: Healing Potpourri, Friendless Summer, Froogy's Groovies, Emotional, Harry Talin, The Lentils
09.02.16 NL. Club Illusion V ft. DJ J Heat, Asmara (FKA MA Nguzu), xDangelx, Michael E, Schwarz, Wade Blazer, Will Sheridan, energy drink coctails by Steph Russ
08.31.16 MU. The Bedroom Witch, Inverts, Trap Girl, Pvblic Bath
08.27.16 NL. Six Means Six ft.Draveng, Abyss X, DJ Ovni, Joanna Swan, Warm Body, 2true Kchung DJs, special guest
08.21.16 MU. Just The Right Height, Monica Noonan, Sheugnessy, Kayla Ephros, reading by Alex Chaves
08.20.16 EX/NL. Comunión: microrave ft DJ Nombre Apellido, $enor $in $exo, Amazondotcom, Kelman Duran, Bianca Oblivion
08.19.16 NL. Color Study Magazine Party ft. Bapari, DJ Skymall, Gene Valerie, RiotBoooy, Tribute Money
08.17.16 MU. Angels in America, Purity, Violence, Sissa
08.15.16 MU. Shredded Nerve, Horoscope, Liebestod + Selena Cross, Vortal Curb, DJ Jane Pain
08.05.16 NL. Club Illusion IV ft. Schwarz b2b Juiceboxxx, KJ$ (Kreayshawn), P. Morris, energy cocktails by Steph Russ
07.30.16 NL. P. Morris, Maal, Rahel, Akua
07.26.16 MU. Forests (Tapei, US debut performance), Andorkappen, J. De Sosa, DJ Marc Gonya
07.23.16 NL. Significant Other II ft. Spider DJ, Tribute Money, Re-Ect, Papinogood
07.15.16 EX. "After Laughter" Exhibition Opening Alexi Brown-Schmidt, Dori Scherer, Richard Zimmerman
07.09.16 NL. Replicants II ft. Carlos Souffront (3 hour set), Israel Vines, Jason Ocean, ASR Pres. Unguided Meditation
07.03.16 EX. "Born Slippy" Exhibition Opening Alberto Cuadros and Frankie Carrino ft. live jazz by The Slippy Band
07.02.16 MU. Pure Shit, Kim Fuck, Body Fluid, Race To The Bottom 07.01.16 NL. Club Illusion III ft. NA (Nguzunguzu, Fade To Mind), Sha Sha Kimbo, Jung navy, Schwarz b2b 1/333 Boyz (333 Boyz), energy cocktails by Steph Russ
06.30.16 MU. Nicey Music Presents "Heart of Gum" tour homecoming ft.Grape Room, Los Greys, Adam Payne
06.29.16 MU. SBSM, Sister Mantos, Softdrink
06.26.16 MU. Night Burger (Profligate), Heart Pressure, Dawn Raid, Jealous, Gazebo
06.14.16 MU. Charmaine's Names, Logan Hone, California's Bellow, Emily Lacy
06.10.16 EX. "Emily Whittemore's Metaphysical Solopsism Just Kidding" Exhibition Opening ft. Alfred English, Dream Panther, Josiah Gabriel, Mabson, Children of Pop
06.09.16 FI. India is Great directed by Andrew Storrs, 38 min runtime
05.28.16 MU. Regular Fantasy, Akasha System, Maria Minerva, FDG, Afterhours (DJ)
05.27.16 NL. The Plug Presents : I Love Moombahton HJMS, Forest Grump, ARI-GATO
05.24.16 MU. Horselords, Weyes Blood, DJ Jester Hat & Como Se DJ (Mild High Club/ Run DMT DJ sets)
05.21.16 NL. Magic Series ft. Eddington Again, Chlorine Mist, Machakos Kyalo, Hak (Ratking), Pop.Morris, Riot Boooy
05.20.16 NL. Bakah Release Party ft. Bakah, Bleie, Kitsch, Oanna Wan, BBY Buffalo b2b Samurai Slut
05.14.16 WS. Figure Drawing & Slow Dance
05.08.16 MU. Night Shade ft. Lauren Bousefield, Obsidian Blade, 404 Not Found, Project Ragequeen, Heart Pressure
04.23.16 NL. Significant Other Spider DJ, Misha, Skymall, Tickleboy, Tribute Money
04.22.16 MU. Nicey Music Presents Banny Grove, Pink Meal, Frida Precariat, DJ's Sadie Holliday, Martin 1X
04.20.16 EX. "Stoners Night" Exhibition Opening Reception ft. musical guests Dream Panther, Ice Sculptor, Lil Donyel, DJ Hevin
04.09.16 NL. Replicants N°1 Jasen Loveland, Israel Vines, Aaron Ocean
04.04.16 MU. Cube, Ron Spoones, Wade Blazer + Steph Russ, Some Pepper
03.27.16 PE. Warm Women, The Department of Descriptive Services, Rococo Jet, Brandon Bailey
03.26.16 NL. Club Illusion II ft. Air Max '97, Mabson, Aura T09, Wade Blazer, Schwarz, energy cocktails by Steph Russ
03.22.16 MM. Ars Media Presents new video works by Duncan Moore, Jen Kirsten slide show by Justin Smith reading by Emily Grace Stebbins performances by Noor ft. Geneva Jacuzzi & Rob Enbom, Carson Garhart (Salamander Wool), DJs Deep Water, My World Persian Kitty Thorn (1/2 Odwalla 88)
03.19.16 MU. Eartheater, Hit Bargain, Nightliker, Girl Pusher, DJ Cuntry Noise (1/2 Odwalla 88) X Good Safe Person
03.05.16 EX."Speedfreaks at The Symphony" Exhibition Opening Reception Curated by Alix Vollum & Dayton Castleman
02.27.16 NL. Club Illusion ft. Suga Shay, Phonome, Schwarz, Cradleism, energy cocktails by Steph Russ
02.15.16 EV. Freak Circuit Talent Show hosted by PAJ
02.12.16 NL. DOOMRAVE ft. Hom & Anthony Bisset, WMX, Bad Timing, Cloaking, Theorna
02.10.16 MU. Cat500, Drugdealer ft. Weyes Blood, Soul Ipsum, Sentinel, Phork
01.30.16 NL. Club Monastery ft. Schwarz, Svengali, Molly Soda, energy cocktails by Steph Russ
01.15.16 MU. Gavin Riley Smoke Machine, Charmaine's Names, Height Keech
12.31.15 NL. Club Nonprofit NYE 2K16 ft. US Hard, $3.33, Lil M, Schwarz, Doom Asylum
12.18.15 EX. "Pure Awqua" curated by PAJ

Obsidian Blade at Night Shade by Cloaking Industries

Kim Fuck by MATA LA

Coneja at Bruja War by HigherKeyArts

Bernardino Femminielli by Coleman Guyon

Lil Donyel at Stoners Night by 720

Molly Soda at Club Monastery by |wərk|

Drugdealer ft. Weyes Blood Live at

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