group exhibition
April 20th, 2016

Emily Whittemoore
Tub Boy, Toilet II, 2016
oil on canvas

Froogy Muzzman
Farm Boyz, School, 2015, 2016
india ink on paper

Jesse Spears
X100, 2015
acrylic on canvas

Nicole Snyder
What's In My Bag, 2016
colored pencils on paper

Rikky Gage
Dopey Dawg Plays The Outdoor Stage, 2015
colored pencils and markers on paper

Mario Ayala
Air Purifier 2, 2014
flashe, enamel, and airbrush on canvas

Cole Lodge
Night & Day, Untitled Bong #1, Untitled Bong #2, 2016
colored pencils on paper

Steve Aldahl
Twirl 2, 2016
oil, charcoal, and nail polish on canvas

Jahnny Wobble
#1 Weed In The Country, 2016
lucite cube, glass pipe, BIC lighter, medical marijuana canister, In-N-Out water cup, custom Stoner hat, Cannabis Cup sativa #18 (Tangerine), Bio-Dome on VHS

Alberto Cuadros
Sablime, 2016
four-disc set of remixed Sublime mp3s, quadruple jewel case

Mario Ayala
Doritos Locos Tacos Punching Bag, 2013
nylon, batting, cardboard, metal

Abby Banks
Need, 2015
2 mins, Super 8 film

Amia Yokoyama
Vote Anonymous, 2016
3 mins, digital video

Jahnny Wobble
Smoking Spliffs, 2015, 2016
3 mins, digital video

James Marsh
Head In A Head, Macaw, Counting Steps, 2015, 2016
6 mins, digital video

Sam Shea
Fountains, 2016
1 min, digital video

Shelby Sells
Warm Fuzzies, 2015
4 mins, VHS

Special thanks to Kait Jensen, Peter Lowe, Matthew Hamilton Huff, Maggie Burke, Ella Anderson, Davitt Terrell, Christina Barlow, Tony Noceti and Fred Kolouch

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